Just for the record, messaging me to tell me I should’ve done Stocking instead of Panty, or that you’re disappointed I didn’t, or that I make poor costume choices because they aren’t what YOU would want, is very rude. Same goes or telling me you’d fap better if I was your favorite character or that you couldn’t finish cause my hair isn’t the color you want.

Let’s get something straight:
I, and I’m sure many other cosplayers, don’t do this FOR you. We do what we like, when we want, the way we want to. We are not objects for your gratification.
This is our hobby. We are not your dress up dolls, personal spank banks, Nor are we doing these costumes to please you.

If you treat us like nothing more than an object, it makes having a hobby like this really irritating.
If we have a sexy costume, that doesn’t automatically give you license to act like we’re wearing it just to BE sexy or entice you. Maybe we’re going for accuracy, or maybe it makes us feel good, or we’re proud of the bodies a lot of us work hard to maintain.

And girls, stop coming to a damn page just to hate on a girl. Just cause she’s okay with wearing something revealing, doesn’t mean YOU should call her a whore, slut, etc. You want to keep it covered? Fine. Go ahead. Don’t hate someone else because you wouldn’t do the same.

Just stop being asses. Seriously.

We are artists. We model our creations. We work with other artists and professionals who take our photos, promote us, join us in group work.

Be respectful of everyone. Whoever you are. It goes a long way.
Even those you may not like at least deserve to be treated with decency and like they’re a human being.

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