what a man


what a man


i do these when i dont know what to do


i do these when i dont know what to do


when your favorite song comes on at the club


when your favorite song comes on at the club



↳ sooo thanks to Featurepoints I can actually now afford to giveaway the extra costume I was going to sell (more on that here) so I can do another giveaway to thank you lovely angelcakes. Here we go!

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Could you send me the link too where you bought the sock tight thingies for Yoko Littner, please?(:

The ones I bought are no longer for sale, but I got mine from Sock Dreams, which I’m sure has several other types that could work =D

HHHHNNNGGHHH How did you work out your top for Princess Kida!?! I'm currently making my Kida and I've been wrestling with it, plus the front drapey bit which has been weighing my wrap skirt down (I have pictures on my tumblr if you wish to have a look) what material did you use for it? Thank you in advance also I love your work! Heeeeeeaps pro!~ <3

I actually had to take apart a twist top to understand it, but it’s like a weird figure 8 thing- the front twisty part is actually in two pieces, (top and bottom) and you twist them in the middle to get it that way. Sorry, that probably made no sense, I’m terrible at explaining these things via text. >.>

But if you can find a cheap twist top (ebay has several!) you can take off the fabric, and then are even able to use the same bra to cover it with new material :3

hi i'm a big fan of your cosplays, but it makes me uncomfortable when you ironically use japanese because it's racist and accessorizing and it really waters down the meaning of the words. can you please not do this anymore?



yes. saying “かわいいですね" in day-to-day conversation really waters down the meaning of the words and clearly demonstrates my seething internal racism towards japanese culture.

note: when most people use words like “kawaii” and “sugoi” in an ironic manner, it’s not mocking the language or japanese culture. it’s mocking the weeaboo phase that all anime fans go through at some point where everything is “so kawaii!! XDDD” and the only insult we know is “baka.” it’s not directed towards the culture, it’s directed towards the (somewhat embarrassing) tendency that our younger weeb selves have to incorporate as many japanese words into their speech as they can simply because they are so fucking excited about this brand new culture they’ve been introduced to through their favorite shows and games.

furthermore, incorporating words from other languages into your own speech is not “accessorizing.” it’s called broadening your vocabulary beyond your own culture. since i was 12, i’ve saturated myself in hearing, reading, and writing japanese. i’ve taken classes in it and i’m currently reteaching myself basic conversational phrases. (and at the same time i’m also teaching myself french! oh, god, the cultural appropriation never stops!) as a result, i’ll occasionally use japanese words and phrases in conversation, especially if i’m trying to convey a particular emotion or nuance that the english equivalent just doesn’t carry. because, let’s face it: sometimes that little puppy in the window isn’t cute, callling it cute isn’t good enough - it’s goddamn kawaii as hell.

on that note, gradually incorporating words and phrases from a language you’re trying to learn is one of the best ways to learn it because it teaches you how to use these phrases in spoken context, rather than just repeating things from a workbook or writing the katakana alphabet over and over again. it’s part of the learning process and should be encouraged.

the idea of constricting yourself to one language is the most ass-backwards thing i’ve ever heard from this website. language is something meant to be shared, that’s what communication is all about. i’m truly sorry you’re uncomfortable with other people (myself included) using japanese when it’s not their first language, but if it makes you that uncomfortable you can’t handle seeing it on the internet, i recommend you stop following my blog and work so that you no longer subject yourself to it, because i don’t agree with your opinion whatsoever and therefore won’t be acquiescing to your request.

ごめんなさい, アノニマス ちゃん ~ !

I use Spanish and German words because I took 12 years of Spanish and when I’m not rusty I’m nearly fluent. German I’m conversational and can get around on my own if need be. That isn’t accessorizing, that’s called knowing more than one language.

Dude I use Spanish words all the time. And ironically and sarcastically in really bad English accents. I do the same to English words too.

Can’t help it that my mom and her entire family speaks Spanish, and that I never learned how to because I grew up in white Kentucky. >.> Somehow being racist towards myself doesn’t seem like I thing I’d want to do…. 

In fact, so many people do it, and so harmlessly, that you might just want to leave society altogether. Now, there’s a huge difference from someone yelling “ching-chang-chong” at you because you’re Asian, or a person saying “hey sexy chica” to me or anyone else. Granted, I’d only wanna hear that from my family and close friends, not from strangers, but you get the point. I come from a mixed family. My mom learned Spanish and English simultaneously while growing up, because my grandparents spoke mostly Spanish, while my mom was educated in English.

To limit someone’s vocabulary to their “first language” ignores several circumstances: their passion and interest to learn another culture, their geographic, cultural, and psychographic upbringing, their family situation (adopted, mixed family, etc.) and any number of other factors. 

And what the hell does “watering a word down” even mean? Unless you mean the watered down version of the meaning of “racist”.

Full size on DeviantArtPhoto by Koji, Cosplay made and modeled by me :3

Full size on DeviantArt

Photo by Koji, Cosplay made and modeled by me :3




appreciate brown eyes more bc the people with brown eyes are grown up forcing to believe fuckin blue and green and grey are beautiful and either detest or get incredibly happy when someone compliments their eye color stop letting this happen

there are people with brown eyes reblogging this and theyre talking about still being sad with their eye color and this is exactly why we need hype about brown eyes

Dude brown eyes are. Gorgeous
I love brown eyes
They’re warm and colorful when blue eyes can look really cold at times
Brown eyes are under rated and while I love having green eyes brown eyes are wicked pretty
I’m a sucker for brown eyes

I wear colored contacts all the time because of how much I dislike my eye color. =/ They’re so dark, they’re nearly black…

But aside from that, the enlargement (even in brown colors) just looks so romantic and makes me look mature. You don’t really see many mature looking beauty icons with small dark and beady eyes =/ Younger pop stars sometimes do (thanks, Disney Channel, legitimately)

And yet, I LOVE dark eyes on guys. Is that weird?

When you’re starting a new cosplay and your materials are on sale